Sunday, February 11, 2007

Blue Footed Boobie

Galapagos six + guide

Uuuurrrggghhhh uuuurrrrrgggghhh


Tuesday, July 25, 2006


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Barry John grew some very becoming facial hair while he was in Brazil....all comments, flattering and otherwise are gratefully accepted!!

Friday, July 21, 2006

The Whole Gang in Rio de Janeiro

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Barry John and Dee join us in Brazil

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Monday, June 19, 2006

Salt anyone?

Sunday, June 18, 2006

The End.

And so we're (Mar and I) back in our Emerald Isle. Who would believe that the year would go so quickly? I´d just like to thank my travelling companions. Firstly, Anne and Mar who I got to share the whole year with - couldn't have asked for better travel-mates. Next, thanks to Cait who joined us in Melbourne and suspiciously followed us to South America (we didn´t know anything about it-she just arrived!!) and last but most certainly not least, Edel, who joined us in January and made the rest of the way with us. It´s been a pleasure ladies.

There´s a few things I noticed along my travels...when you´ve so much time to think it´s simply hard not to notice things...

  • Dancing is all about the ass (yes, yes, I did not know this - thanks to Anne and Mar for divulging this piece of information in Cambodia).
  • That nobody really does know how to pronounce ´Laos´.
  • That the flies in Australia are the most persistant, annoying feckers in the world!
  • That Israelies are the most travelled race in the world - they´re EVERYWHERE!
  • There´s only one man in the world who can manage to ruin a perfect day on a beach....the infamous James Blunt! Random children and mothers sing this blasted artist´s music in airports and think it´s okay....well, it´s not and nothing that he ever writes or sings will ever be okay.
  • Clown is a universal word for an eejit and believe me....they´re all over the world!!
  • No matter where you go it´s quite possible that you´ll come across someone clipping their nails in public, be it on a bus, in an name it and they always seem to have (roughly) 140 fingers on each hand. SO ANNOYING and ignorant, in my opinion.
  • There are always people who know it all.
  • The saying ´if you want to know me come and live with me´ is not as fully effective as ´if you want to know me come and travel with me´.
  • That some Irish people shouldn´t be given passports because they leave Ireland to work with Irish people, make Irish friends and drink only in Irish pubs yet they still manage to lambast Ireland and also the natives of the country they´re currently living in. Why? Go back to Carlow or Tipperary or whatever county you´re from and drink in the Irish pubs there - cos you may as well have not left the country!!
  • That some people want to help...just to help.
  • That buses in Argentina are the best in the world.
  • That steaks in Argentina are the best in the world.
  • Brazil is the most self-obsessed country we´ve come across with regards their national flag (I´m aware that the World Cup is on but it's complete madness!!)
  • That absence does make the heart grow fonder.

Okay, enough of my ramblings.

Girls, enjoy the rest of yer travels and we´ll see ye at home. Thanks again.

Brid xxx

Salt Plains, Bolivia

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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Crustys Crustys Everywhere...

Throughout our travels we came across a numerous amount of people who can be called a ´Crusty´. Let´s start with a definition of what exactly a Crusty is....a Crusty is a human being who strives to become one with nature and renounces the modern way of life.

Crusty´s can come in many forms yet all come under the one Crusty umbrella. Just to illustrate, here are a few examples:-

Crusty No. 1:- would be found sporting wool-like clothing, usually in the form of 2nd hand multi-coloured jumpers, trousers, skirts not forgetting to accessorise with bags, hats and/or head-bands in similiar patterns or colours. Underwear is optional. Dreadlocks are not an uncommon hairstyle to be found on such people. They take pleasure in giving love to the earth and frequently engage in activities such as tree-hugging but does it in a subtle manner i.e. at night-time.

Crusty No. 2:- this specimen is quite similiar to Crusty No. 1 both physically and ideas-wise but differs in the fact that they tend to be more vocal in expressing their beliefs and can often become forceful. Can also get somewhat argumentative when one should disagree with them and finds it difficult to accept other people´s way of life, seeing their way as the only way. Prefers engaging in day-time tree-hugging.

Crusty No. 3:- whilst having the characteristics of both Crusty No. 1 and 2, this class of Crusty has the added characteristic of being extremely condescending when expressing (or pushing) their beliefs. Physically, an extra accessory distinguishes this type, none other than a tie-dyed over-the-shoulder water bottle holder (usually purchased from ethnic tribes on the sides of mountains). This kind of Crusty is inclined to climb a tree as high as he/she can possibly go and then begins to hug it from that position. Hugging the tree from below is simply not enough in this type´s eyes. Some Type 2 Crustys have experienced spitting on occasion from a high.

In Bolivia, we encountered a typical Type 3 Crusty. Characteristics that identified her as such were:-

  • Brightly embroidered water bottle holder.
  • A foot long braid that dangled below her matted tresses which were abundantly adorned with wooden "decorations".
  • A woven bag appliquéd with flags from various countries that had the sheer pleasure of having her in their country.
  • Footwear dating form the early 90´s i.e. Docmarten boots - they´re holding up well!
  • Ethnic clothing that embraced every country she had visited on her current travels.
  • Infuriating tendency to speak Spanish to us despite the fact that English was her and our mother tongue.
  • Her defiant insistence on avoiding top-tourist spots, scoffing that "they´re much too touristy for me!" (we wanted to ask her if she had found an alternative to the tourist visa we all rely on to enter countries?)

This Crusty tried her best to convert us into any type of Crusty but failed miserably. She left us with her water bottle holder between her legs after realising her attempted Crustification of us was falling on deaf ears. It didn´t stop her from kissing a llama and hugging a tree though, as she departed.

Note: sometimes non-Crusty people, whilst travelling, have been known to fall into the Crusty trap and have made impulse buys on Crusty items. Even a member of our own group (who shall remain nameless) took it to the Crusty No. 3 level. Do not fear though. We have shunned such activity and have confiscated the item in question which was purchased.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Iguazu Falls

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